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Speed Cameras: Public Safety or Public Nuisance?

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On October 1st, the City of Baltimore installed new speed cameras in 51 locations city wide.  Vehicles caught exceeding the speed limit by 12 miles per hour or more will be sent warning notices for the first full month after installation of the speed cameras.  On November 1st, violators will be issued speeding tickets accompanied by $40 fines.  People receiving tickets will not be at risk of having points issued against their licenses, and will have the right to request a hearing in the Baltimore City District Court. 

The trend toward the use of cameras to enforce traffic laws has gained momentum in Maryland over the past several years.  Red light cameras have been installed in a number of locations across the state for quite some time.  Speed cameras have been in use in Montgomerty County since 2007.  Like Baltimore City, Baltimore and Frederick Counties installed speed cameras on October 1st.