Charged with DUI / DWI? Know Your Judge

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A Judge in Maryland or Virginia will decide your sentence in a DUI offense. It amazes me, therefore, that countless attorneys will go before a judge without knowing his or her tendencies. For example, some judges on subsequent offenses will allow the sentence to be done on weekends, others will not. Weekend time may allow a defendant to keep his job. Further, with weekend time you are not placed with the general jail population (real bad guys). In most instances you serve two days of a weekend, but because you go in on a Friday night, you get credit for three days.

Additionally, some judges will inquire as to the defendant's entire criminal history, where as others will just ask the State's recommendation. This could make a real difference at sentencing. A defendant with numerous prior drug convictions will not be viewed in the same manner as someone with none. Therefore, isn't it better if the prior drug convictions are not a matter of discussion? Lastly, most judges like a defendant and an attorney who are prepared. Make sure you have been evaluated, completed most of the classes, and if its more than a first offense, have someone from the treatment facility there to speak on your behalf. I am amazed how few DUI attorneys take this last step. I think its imperative that someone from the Right Turn, for example, appear in Court with my DUI and DWI clients. It often shows the client has taken the matter seriously and gives the Court a better perspective as what the defendant has done with respect to treatment.

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