DUI: Should You Worry About Losing Your Job?

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In many cases of DUI or DWI where it is a subsequent offense, there is a potential for serving jail time. If you have a good job, therefore, you have concerns that you could lose your employment. In these situations your DUI or DWI attorney should look into in-house alcohol treatment instead of incarceration. Many of these facilities will allow you to seek treatment during the evening and work during the day. It is effective and serves the purpose of punishment and alcohol treatment while allowing a defendant to keep his job. Another alternative is weekend jail time. Obviously, this gives the DUI or DWI defendant an opportunity to work during the week, but serve time during the weekend.

Judges have gotten tougher in recent years on sentences in light of certain politicians and state's attorneys offices pushing for harsher penalties. In some cases this is very ironic. Douglas F. Gansler is a former State's Attorney for Montgomery County and now is the Maryland Attorney General. His office pushed for stiffer DUI sentences. Perhaps this was done simply for political gain. One has to believe this in light of the fact that the Sun Paper just reported Gansler's Director of Civil Rights, Carl Snowden, was just arrested for his third DWI in the last eight years. Snowden is actually chairman of the Annapolis Housing Authority and Gansler appointed him in 2007, all the while knowing he had two prior DUI's, one in 2005 and one in 2002. You have to wonder, would someone hire you if you were arrested three times for DUI in eight years? Would you keep your job? This is your prior history, you might want to consider seeking a Maryland government job.

If you have any questions about your DUI/DWI case, call our Maryland DUI/DWI attorneys at Portner & Shure for a free consultation.

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