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Cell Phones Allow The Government To Track Your Every Move

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gordon gekko.jpgNo warrant is required, according to the federal law governing the area. That federal law was written in 1986 when cell phones looked like a shoe box with an antenna and were only used by Gordon Gekko. Now everyone has a cell phone and people should be concerned because they are carrying a tracking device in their pocket. Based on current cell phone and texting patterns, cell site data for a typical adult user will reveal 20 to 55 location points a day, enough to plot his or her movements hour by hour.

A Better Idea Than Supervised Probation

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Supervised probation is often difficult for defendants to abide by. The terms are often so difficult that violation of probation is inevitable. This presents a huge problem for defendants with time suspended. It is an even greater problem before a judge who, on any violation, reinstates all the time. Uncle Sam.jpg

A possible solution to avoiding an inevitable violation and later jail sentence, is the military. A great example of this just occurred in the Frederick County Circuit Court. There, a Circuit Court Judge informed a criminal defendant that he would be allowed to have his year of supervised probation for drug possession ended with proof of his acceptance into the military. This is a great opportunity for a defendant to leave the watchful eye of the judicial system. Aware if this fact the defendant in the Frederick case said he was going to the military office on the same day the offer was made.

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