After a DUI charge Counseling is a Necessity

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If you are a defendant facing charges for DUI in Howard County, or DUI charges in Prince George's County or Montgomery County, you must show the District Court Judge that you have taken the matter seriously. Drinking while driving often occurs because a person has an underlying drinking problem or was not fully aware of all of the terrible consequences that can result from DUI. A way to handle both of these issues is seeking alcohol treatment at a Maryland certified alcohol treatment center. Sentencing before the District Court in Howard County often turns on what steps the defendant's charged with DUI has taken since the arrest. As a result, the DUI attorneys at Portner & Shure insist that all DUI clients be at least evaluated at an alcohol treatment center, and we stress that if classes are recommended they be completed prior to court.

Organizations that we are familiar with in Howard County include the Columbia Addictions Center, Dr. Robert Temple and Associates, and Integrative Counseling, LLC. Portner & Shure also works with alcohol treatment facilities in Prince George's and Montgomery Counties these include, D.A. Wynne & Associates, Family Health Center, T.A.P.E., and Dr. Frederick Oeltjen, Ph.D. Standardized tests are given to place each defendant in an abuse category. Categories range from "social drinker" to "problem drinker" or "addict", based on the risk a course of treatment is recommended. Social drinkers are usually recommended a twelve hour education course of treatment. For third offenders and up, in-patient treatment is generally recommended.

If cost is an issue, treatment is approximately $500.00. The Howard County Health Department's Substance Abuse service is a wonderful option. The Howard County Health Department is a publicly funded addiction and treatment program in Howard County. Montgomery County has a similar program. If you are charged with DUI in Howard County or a DUI in Montgomery or Prince George's County, finding the right attorney and alcohol counseling should be your two priorities.

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