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Before a Maryland or Virginia police officer pulls someone over for possibly DUI, he has been watching that driver closely. Specifically, the officer is trained to look for several clues. The clues are derived from the research of the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA). A few of the clues drivers should be aware of include:

1. Effectuating an improper turn (turns with too large/small a radius)

2. Repeatedly crossing the double yellow line

3. Striking objects on the roadway

4. Excessive weaving or swerving between lanes, erratic driving

5. Driving too slow, below speed limit, or too fast

6. Stopping in a traffic lane without reason

7. Following too closely behind the vehicle in front

8. Braking vehicle in lane of travel erratically or without cause

9. Signaling inconsistent with driving actions

10. Driving with vehicle headlights off

After the officer pulls the driver over he his obviously looking for signs of alcohol use. Therefore, he will attempt to engage the driver in a dialogue in order to monitor speech pattern and to smell for alcohol. The officer will then note the drivers physical appearance, make note if the car smells like alcohol and look for any open containers.

Once you are in this position be polite and courteous. There's always the chance the officer will release the driver with a warning instead of going right to field sobriety tests, or asking the driver to come to the station for a Breathalyzer test.

In short, don't drive drunk. However, if you have had a bit to many,be aware of the ten things officers are looking for before they pull a driver over for drunk driving. Additionally, once you are pulled over be cooperative.

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