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If Saving a Life is Wrong I Don't Want to Be Right

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By now everyone has either seen or read about the two young men who helped rescue a deer from a frozen river last week at the Baltimore CountyAnne Arundel County line. Around 5:00 p.m. fire and natural resources were called to the Patapsco River bridge for a deer that had fallen through the ice and was trapped. James Hart and Khalilalim Abusakran of Jessup were ultimately cited by the Department of Natural Resources for not having the appropriate flotation devices. They could have been criminally charged for disregarding police orders and taking their inflatable boat into the river to rescue the deer. What the two men failed to realize was not only did they put themselves in danger but they disregarded direct orders by police who were on the scene to do their jobs. No one wants to see an innocent animal suffer. However, with everyone realizing that both gentleman were trying to do a good thing, the police were not only trying to rescue the deer but to avoid having two victims fall through the ice. The two gentleman are scheduled to appear in the District Court in February. Even with all the public attention this incident as drawn, proper preparation will be required to go before the District Court of Maryland. While a criminal attorney may not be needed, a consultation with a criminal defense attorney is a must, even with this minor charge. Criminal records accumulate, so minor charges by themselves may seem small, but the accumulation of criminal charges will ultimately lead to a more severe criminal sentence.

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