Immigration and Unemployment Rates continued

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Apparently, I wasn't the only one who took note of the recent study conducted by the Immigration Policy Center on the effect of immigration on unemployment rates.  I came across an article today in the Des Moines Register that had a similar take on the study as I did a few days earlier. 

The Des Moines Register's review of the IPC study makes one key point that is worthy of discussion.  When discussing the impact of this study on potential immigration reform, the article stated that any discussion on reform should be based on facts and not fears.  It seems to me that many who are focal on the political front regarding immigration reform are inclined to purvey a theme of fear of the unknown.  The simple, black and white view of immigration reform that is commonly disbursed is that foreigners come to the U.S. and take jobs and money out of the pockets of American citizens.  Reality, however, indicates that the answers on domestic unemployment and on the impact of immigration on the U.S. are much more complex in nature.  More than anything else, it is my hope that any action taken to reform the immigration system be based on fact and reality rather than by blanket assumptions that are widely unsubstantiated. 

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